Pet Turtle Species

Red-Eared Slider Turtle

Red-eared slider turtle

The red eared slider turtle is perhaps the most popular of pet turtle species. These are the most widely sold turtles in the US market. They are popular because they are both aquatic and love to bask in the sun on land. Although, these types of turtles prefer to be in the water most of time, they still need to have a place to come out and get warmed up. Sp provide a nice place for them by using a heat lamp for them to bask under. Sliders also like to hang out in muddy swampy water, so providing a place where your turtle can dig in the mud and feed on things like worms and goldfish are also ideal. Even though your turtle may like the dirty swampy water doesn’t mean that you don’t need to clean it. In nature these areas are naturally cycled, in captivity it is best to keep old food out and keep some kind of aeration. These turtles can grow up to about 11 inches.

Box Turtle

Box turtle

Box turtles have a big dome shaped shell, hence the name “box” turtle. They are land dwellers and love to hang out in humid mossy areas of the forest. They are a very strong turtle and can grow to be about 6 inches long. You will not catch them heading for the water too much. In fact, you can usually find them hanging out right in the same place they were born. That’s right, box turtles do not wander away very much and very territorial. They are omnivore creatures, which mean that they eat both greens and meat. It would be the perfect pet for those that have an area where a pen can be made outdoors. This would allow them to hang out in the spring and summer months, and dig a hole for hibernation in the winter fall through late spring.

Painted Turtle

Painted Turtle

The painted turtle is one of the most beautiful of the turtle family. They have colorful shells and markings throughout their bodies. You can definitely tell them form their other turtle relatives. These turtles do live in the water. The preferred method is to place this type of turtle in a tank because in fact they are in the water most of the time. However, you will still need to set up an area for the turtle to come out and bask in the “sun”. You should provide the turtle with the basics of heat lamp, UV light and a place to bask.

Mud turtle

Mud turtle

Mud turtles are like the box turtles. They do not go in the water much, but you do want to provide a place where they can take a dip. You will however find them participating in their favorite activity given the chance, digging in the mud. That’s where they get their name, mud turtles.

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