Choosing a Turtle Tank

When choosing a turtle tank or aquatic tank, there are many things to consider. First of all, you need to know the environment your turtle should keep in. For instance, a red-eared slider turtle likes to live in the water, so you will need to provide a desirable size water area for them to swim around in. On the other hand, a desert turtle or tortoise likes heat and sand. Providing your turtle with the ideal environment will provide a healthier longer life for your reptile friend.

The right size for turtle tank or aquatic tank

If you plan to keep your turtle in a tank there are some things you will want to consider. The first thing is the size of the tank. Of course, you should provide the turtle with an area as big as possible. However, reality says that is not always possible. It would be best if you have at least a 40-gallon tank for your turtle as this will provide enough room for it to swim or walk around and feel comfortable.

If your turtle is a water turtle, you should fill the tank about halfway to provide enough water for the turtle to dive down and enjoy it’s swim. The water in a turtle tank should be kept at about 75 degrees and should be filtered through a commercial filtration system. Be careful not to have a big enough hole for the turtle to get caught in the filter system. If your turtle is a land-dwelling turtle, a mix of soils and rocks/logs for him to enjoy will be great.

Water turtles will spend most of their time in the water. However, they will still need to come out of their water pond and eat and or get some “sun”. You will need to provide a place for them to get out of the water and rest. It can be a floating log, a couple of rocks, or even a commercially made ramp. As far as creating the sun for the turtle, you’re going to need a heat lamp and a UV light.

Keeping the turtle comfy in the turtle tank

The UV light is to give the turtle its natural sun rays and the heat for obvious reasons. Even though your UV light will still be working after six months, you will want to change it. The lights will start to lose their UV effectiveness at this time and will no longer be beneficial to the turtle.
Keeping your turtle’s environment clean is crucial for their health. Even though a turtle can be a little messy doesn’t mean their tanks should be. If you are keeping a desert type of tortoise, you should clean the sand by sifting it through a screen to get rid of the waste. Then replace the sand about every ten months or so.

Clean turtle tank = happy turtle

If you are keeping a water turtle, a clean tank is more vital. You must clean the filtration system often. It is quite common for the filtration system to get plugged up form feces and food particles. It would be best if you watched this at least once a week until you can determine the habits of your turtle. It would help if you clean your turtle’s tank every time you starts to see algae forming. You can clean the tank with some Clorox bleach diluted with water.

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